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What is the best way to clean the Entourage stroller?

The seat fabric, canopy and optional seat liners are made from strong, lightweight fabrics. Seat fabrics should be hand washed in cold water and attached back onto the stroller to dry to avoid shrinkage. For instructions on how to remove the seat fabric for washing, reference the Entourage stroller user manual. Optional seat liners may be machine washed in cold water with like colors on the delicate cycle and laid flat to dry. The frame and wheels of the stroller may be wiped down with water and a mild detergent, as needed. Do not use abrasives on the stroller or a detergent that leaves a slippery residue on the wheels. Do not disassemble or alter any folding mechanism or brakes when cleaning. If exposed to salt water, rinse with fresh (tap) water as soon as possible to avoid corrosion. Always dry wet frame and fabrics thoroughly before storing, and do not store in a damp environment or near a direct heat source (fire, radiator, etc.). 

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