Seat Sizing Guide
We borrowed a friend's adorable daughter to show you how a same-size child fits in each of our different seats. We provide her measurements so you can estimate how your children will fit now and over time.
primary seat

At 38" tall, Helena is around the average height height of a 3.5 year old. Her seated height is 21"(measured when seated in a chair from the top of the seat to the top of her head). She has plenty of room to grow in the primary seat, and even more room once she moves to the Sit+Stand.

second seat
Perfect up to 3.5 Years

Helena is the right size to enjoy the second seat for a few more months. As she grows she can keep using it longer with the canopy retracted, or move on to the Primary Seat or Sit+Stand.


With no height restrictions, Helena has complete flexiblity to keep growing, and hop on and off the jump seat throughout her day. Unlike competitors, the jump seat never interferes with a full recline of the front seat/bassinet. When she hops off you can stow the jump seat and turn your Entourage back to a single stroller in seconds!